Thursday, March 20, 2008


What is this software ? Who are the target audience of this software ?

This is a java bytecode - XML interoperability framwork.

Java Developers who want to integrate information serialized information of .class files with their applications and want to transport it across the wire.

I want to convert my class file to the ByteML document for examining the same. How do I do it ?

Check out the shell script in the bin directory.
A sample run is shown as below.

$ ./ ../test/input/Hello.class Hello.xml
This would generate the ByteML file corresponding to the java class file.

How do I build the entire source tree ?

You may need the Ant build tool to build the entire tree. After having installed Ant in your system, invoke the ant target as follows:
   $ ant makejar  
to compile all the sources

I am getting an error: Major Version (49) Minor Version(0) not supported ?

The class file parser has been written for JVM target version 1.3 and below.

Most probably the class file you are dealing with might have been decompiled with a more recent version of the java compiler.
In case you have access to the source, you can compile it for the target machine as follows.
   $ javac -source 1.3 -target 1.3